Voltage & Electricity

Electricity voltage is 110V. Visitors may need a plug converter as well as a transformer depending on the type of electronics that they are bringing and need to charge. Always check the voltage of your devices to ensure that they are compatible. Most outlets are standard two or three prongs. 

Metric System of Measurement

Canada formally adopted the metric system in 1970. Metric units (e.g., centimeters, meters, kilometers, liters) replace the traditional imperial units common in the US (e.g., inches, feet, yards, miles, quarts).

Gram is the unit of weight meter is the unit of length liter is the unit of volume Celsius is the unit of temperature - expressed as degree Celsius (Symbol: C)

Use this handy metric-imperial converter to convert miles to meters, gallons to liters, pounds to grams, Fahrenheit to Celsius and more.