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Velo Village

Velo Village celebrates rural cycling. Between June 21 and 23, Salt Spring Island will be bicycle-heaven-on-earth – the most welcoming place on this planet to be on a bike. There will be fun, games and knowledge exchange. In addition to bicycle-themed performances, art exhibits, workshops, and a 100 m bicycle-only ferry, we’re hosting a one-day conference focused on cycling and rural mobility .
As an official Velo-City 2012 Global pre-conference event, we’ll be bending over backwards to welcome ECF and other delegates who’ll be coming to the Vancouver area early to enjoy the natural beauty British Columbia has to offer. Ask Dr. Ensink about this!

Salt Spring Island is located approximately 35 km southwest from Vancouver and is the largest of the 450 gulf Islands that dot British Columbia’s southern coast. Spanning 175 km2 and supporting approximately 9,500 permanent residents, it is recognized around the world as a remarkable rural destination. In the early 1970s, Salt Spring’s rare ecosystems and exceptional variety of species of birds, fish, inter tidal life, wildlife and plants were recognized as unique provincial assets and placed within a regional trust  

Velo-city Global announces: Velo-Talk: A Bike Advocacy Workshop

Monday June 25, 2012  
Britannia Community Centre, Vancouver, BC
Register now - only $30

The advocacy workshop is meant to be a highly accessible forum for bicycle advocates from around the world to come together to talk specifically about moving bicycling into the mainstream and increasing the number of people cycling for transportation. This pre-conference half-day workshop aims to provide a gathering space for advocates to share successes, challenges, and network to continue supporting each other after the conference.
An optional neighbourhood morning ride is free. A post-workshop social will be held at a nearby restaurant. 
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