Steen Møller

Mayor of Culture and Urban Development, City of Odense, Denmark

“Odense - at the cutting edge of cycle city development.”

Steen Møller is the Mayor of Culture and Urban Development for the City of Odense. Much of his political career, in the capacity of City Councillor, Chairman of the County Committee on Traffic and Environment, and Chairman of the regional public transport company FynBus, has focused on traffic and mobility issues.

Denmark’s first cycle path was established in Odense over one hundred years ago. Today, Steen Møller, and Odense are attempting to build on that rich history as the city strives to make it easier, more accessible, safer and more convenient to use the bicycle.

Recognizing that transport and mobility should be dealt with as part of an integrated plan, Odense has re-discovered the bicycle as both a modern, and attractive mode of transport.  Currently, over 25 percent of all trips are made by bicycle, and the city boasts 540 kilometers of designated bikeways, resulting in one of the highest per capita rankings in Denmark, and the world.

Cycling’s positive impact on the urban environment, local economy, public health, city liveability, and personal well-being seem to in line with the city’s goal of supporting all aspects of urban life. But, challenges remain when trying to create further possibilities and facilities for cyclists in order to inspire, motivate and change the transport habits of those already using private, or public transport. The objective has been, in general, to make cycling the preferred mode of transport for the people of Odense, and particularly for those who visit the city centre on a regular basis.

Møller and Odense have used political and financial support to develop new and innovative bicycle facilities and equipment. Possessing a broad range of proven technologies and experience, Odense is at the cutting edge of city bicycle developments, including their Odense Cycle City plan. Steen Møller will speak to the background for Odense’s current successes, its latest projects and strategies, as well as future political and practical directions.

Steen Møller’s previous positions have included Secretary General of the Nordic Young Conservatives, and Executive Secretary of the European Young Conservatives. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics from the University of Southern Denmark.

Steen Møller